Submission FAQs

What kind of works will be presented at the VIDEONALE.18?
The Videonale casts light on the current trends in moving image and time-based arts and presents experimental works ranging from single and multi-channel video, video installation, performance, to sound art and virtual reality, which question the medium itself and/or political, cultural and social narratives and develop new perspectives on the subjects explored. To get a sense of the works the Videonale is looking for, please visit the websites of the past festival editions and the online Videoarchive of the Videonale.

Who may submit a work to the VIDEONALE.18 competition?
The Videonale sees itself as a platform for both emerging and established artists from all over the world. We cordially invite artists / artist collectives and filmmakers of all origins and ages to submit their works to the VIDEONALE.18 competition.

**What kind of works are eligible for the VIDEONALE.18 competition?
The competition is open for single and multi-channel video, video installation, performance, sound art and virtual reality works, which have been completed after January 1, 2018. Please find all submission criteria in the VIDEONALE.18 regulations.

How and till when can a work be submitted for the VIDEONALE.18?
You can submit your work through our online submission platform till June 30, 2020 (23.59 CET). Till then the submission form must be completed, a working preview link to the full-length work must be provided and the administration fee paid. Only in that case has your work been accepted for the competition and will be considered for the VIDEONALE.18 by the jury.

Can I submit my work per email or mail?
No, only submissions through our online submission platform will be accepted. There you can fill in the information required, upload additional files, which may contribute to the understanding of your work, as well as pay the administration fee via PayPal.

Can I submit more than one work?
Artists/artist collectives may submit up to three works each. Each work should be submitted by filling out a separate submission form and the administration fee for each work must be paid.

What submission materials are required?
Please find details about the information required about you and your work in the VIDEONALE.18 regulations.

May I submit an incomplete work / a performance or video installation that has not been realized yet?
Your work should be completed or at least shortly before completion. In any case please provide a preview link to the preliminary version giving a clear sense of your work / the planned presentation, as well as information about the incomplete elements. If your work is selected for the VIDEONALE.18, the final version will be required by December 2020.
In case you are submitting a work in the categories of performance or video installation, please provide a detailed description of the performance / installation instructions outlining any specific spatial, equipment and logistical requirements for the presentation of your work.

Does the VIDEONALE.18 accept and present works that have already been presented at other festivals and have possibly received an award?
Yes, the Videonale does consider works which have premiered at other festivals and been awarded a prize. As a festival of discovery, we aim to offer a platform for emerging artists and new works, therefore we especially encourage artists who have not yet had the possibility to present their works publicly to submit for the VIDEONALE.18.

How does the selection process for the VIDEONALE.18 look like?
All works submitted for the competition will be reviewed by an international expert jury including art critics, artists and curators. The Four Eyes Principle applies: each work will be viewed and considered for the selection by at least two jury members. The final selection will be decided by all jury members after a thorough discussion. You will find information about the jury members and gain an impression of the selection process of the past festivals here.

How many works will be selected and presented at the VIDEONALE.18?
At the VIDEONALE.18 there will be around 30 works presented in the exhibition in the Kunstmuseum Bonn and within the festival program, which have been selected by an international jury from all submissions for the competition within the worldwide open call.

How will the works be presented at the VIDEONALE.18?
The Videonale is one of the few festivals worldwide having an exhibition showcasing exclusively video and time-based arts in a museum context for several weeks. Unlike other festivals with cinema screenings, the works selected are presented in an exhibition. An exhibition space of more than 800m2 at the Kunstmuseum Bonn is available for the Videonale for this purpose. A team of architects and designers develops an innovative exhibition design for each Videonale both in technical as well as artistic terms. The decision on the best possible presentation of each selected work will be made by the Artistic Director of the VIDEONALE.18 in consultation with the artists. To get an impression of the exhibition designs of the past Videonale editions and the presentation form of individual positions please click here.

What exhibition formats are accepted?
Selected works will be presented in an exhibition and not in a cinema, therefore DCP, 5K, 35mm,16mm and Super 8 projections are not possible. Technical specifications for the exhibition copy will be sent to the selected artists after the official announcement has been made.

I have already competed my submission but would like to correct some details or add something. How is it possible?
Please send this as a request to till June 29, 2020 at the latest and include the ID No. of your submission.

How will I find out whether my work has been selected for the VIDEONALE.18?
We will inform you about the decision of the jury by email starting October 2020. Selected artists will be announced in autumn 2020.
In the case your work is not selected for the VIDEONALE.18, we will unfortunately not be able to give you personal feedback due to the large amount of submissions. In this case, please don’t feel discouraged. Far more impressive works are submitted than we are able to present in the exhibition. If your work has not been selected for the VIDEONALE.18 it may still be perfectly suitable and be selected for another festival.
What happens if my work is selected for the VIDEONALE.18?
You will receive an official confirmation of your participation and an invitation to the festival in Bonn by no later than the end of October, as well as information regarding the presentation format, catalogue production, payment of the exhibition fee and your attendance at the opening of the VIDEONALE.18.

If you have any questions or problems with your submission, please email to