Tekla Aslanishvili & Viktor Neumann

Viktor Neumann (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) in a conversation with the artist Tekla Aslanishvili, whose experimental documentaries, video installations and texts are created at the interfaces between design, history and geopolitics. At VIDEONALE.18 she is represented with her work Scenes from Trial and Error.

Cooper Battersby & Emily Vey Duke with Vanina Saracino

In an interview with Vanina Saracino (VIDEONALE.18 jury), the artists Cooper Battersby & Emily Vey Duke share insights about the origin story of their work Civil Twilight at the Vernal Equinox.

Eliane Esther Bots & Riccarda Hessling

In conversation with Riccarda Hessling (Press and Public Relations VIDEONALE.18), the artist Eliane Esther Bots shares more about the background of her work Cloud Forest, in which five young women, children of refugees of the Yugoslavian succession wars (1991-99), deal with inherited traumas.

Viktor Brim & Tasja Langenbach

The work Dark Matter is the starting point of the conversation between Tasja Langenbach (Artistic Director VIDEONALE.18) and Viktor Brim, who deals in his artistic practice with the exploration of spaces as a link between geographical and mental places.

Adam Castle & Viktor Neumann

The curator Viktor Neumann (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) talks in a desktop interview with Adam Castle, who in his work Lupi Lupi Lu faces his diagnosis of the auto-immune disease lupus in a very unique, artistic way.

Eli Cortiñas & Vanina Saracino

Curator Vanina Saracino (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) interviews the artist Eli Cortiñas about her work Walls Have Feelings, which, in addressing the question 'What do walls feel?' links past and present, dictatorships and neoliberalism, and physical and cognitive forms of exploitation.

Ellie Ga & Elke Kania

The artist Ellie Ga in a conversation with curator Elke Kania (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) about the genesis of her video installation
Gyres 1-3, in which individual lifestyles are interwoven with urgent social problems such as environmental pollution or the current migration of refugees in the Aegean Sea.

Russel Hlongwane & Tasja Langenbach

In an interview with Tasja Langenbach (Artistic Director VIDEONALE.18), the cultural producer Russel Hlongwane shares insights into his artistic practice and talks about the creation of his video work Ifu Elimnyama (The Dark Cloud). As part of the festival program, he presents a same-titled performance lecture based on his exhibited video work.

Heidrun Holzfeind & Viktor Neumann

Viktor Neumann (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) talks to Heidrun Holzfeind about her work the time is now., a two film portrait of the Japanese improv duo Toshio and Shizuko Orimo called IRO.

Ida Kammerloch & Fabienne Bonus

Ida Kammerloch talks with Fabienne Bonus (Assistance VIDEONALE.18) about the background of her work Resusci Anne, the tragic death of two young women and the connection to the standardized training manikin for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Michael Klein & Sasha Pirker with Tasja Langenbach

Michael Klein & Sasha Pirker tell Tasja Langenbach (Artistic Director VIDEONALE.18) about the origin of their artistic collaboration and their film 60 Elephants. Episodes of a Theory, which deals with the life and work of Yona Friedman.

Michelle-Marie Letelier & Vanina Saracino

Vanina Saracino (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) in conversation with Michelle-Marie Letelier, whose 16mm film installation Outline for The Bonding is part of a research project with the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and deals, among others, with the effects of aquaculture on local wildlife and the balance of the ecosystem.

Dana Levy & Elke Kania

Elke Kania (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) talks to Dana Levy about her work Last Man, a cinematic confrontation with the worldwide lockdown during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020.

Anne Linke & Lara Legeland

Lara Legeland (Assistance VIDEONALE.18) in conversation with Anne Linke about her work Pigeons and Architecture, a lupelike look at urban architecture and how pigeons make it their own, despite the hostile countermeasures placed by humans.

Lukas Marxt & Michael Petri with Elke Kania

In their conversation with Elke Kania (VIDEONALE.18 Jury), the artists Lukas Marxt & Michael Petri give insights into the background of their work Ralfs Farben_Hüllenwerk, an immersive multimedia installation based on the film Ralfs Farben (2019).

Bjørn Melhus & Vanina Saracino

In conversation with Vanina Saracino (VIDEONALE.18 Jury), Bjørn Melhus talks about his work SUGAR and what the eponymous humanoid robot that can feel, think and dance is all about.

Ana María Millán & Tasja Langenbach

Tasja Langenbach (Artistic Director VIDEONALE.18) in conversation with Ana María Millán, who in her artistic practice deals with the politics of animation in relation to digital cultures and subcultures, gender and propaganda. At VIDEONALE.18 she is represented with her work Elevación (Elevation).

Morgan Quaintance & Viktor Neumann

Viktor Neumann (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) interviews Morgan Quaintance about his work South, which poetically explores traditions of social justice movements and community organizing.

Úna Quigley & Vanina Saracino

The artist Úna Quigley shows us her desktop and talks with curator Vanina Saracino (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) about her work Birds of my weakness, the story of a woman's emancipation process in a male-dominated society.

Aykan Safoğlu & Viktor Neumann

In conversation with Viktor Neumann (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) the artist Aykan Safoğlu tells us more about his work ziyaret, visit, which as the second part of an essay trilogy explores the relationship between photography, transgressions and remembering.

P. Staff & Viktor Neumann

Viktor Neumann (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) talks to P. Staff about the work The Prince of Homburg, a poetic wake-up call for queerness as the contemporary site for non-faithfulness and dissent.

Rhea Storr & Lisa Bosbach

The artist Rhea Storr in conversation with Lisa Bosbach (Head of Festival Days VIDEONALE.18) tells more about the background of her work Here is the Imagination of the Black Radical and the world of Junkanoo, a form of carnival as it is celebrated in the Bahamas.

Ingel Vaikla & Vanina Saracino

Vanina Saracino (VIDEONALE.18 Jury) in conversation with Ingel Vaikla about her work Double Exposure, a cinematic exploration of the relationship between history and present, past and future, utopia and dystopia.

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